RM-W Wireless Microphone System


ADECIA Wireless Solution

With the new wireless microphone system "RM-W", ADECIA will free you from the hassle of cable wiring in environments where the layout of the conference room and the number of participants change.


Audio conferencing solutions from Yamaha allow for streamlined collaboration and a boost in productivity wherever people need to speak openly, share freely and create exceptional things.

ADECIA - Different Types of Microphone - RM-W

Learn how different types of RM-Wireless microphone work, and what types of meeting each is ideal for.

ADECIA - Features and Comparison - RM-W

Learn different features and compare RM-Wireless microphones to get the right microphones for your usage.

ADECIA - Flexible Usage Locations - RM-W

See how flexible the RM-Wireless is in different usage environments allowing for great freedom in your online meetings.

Setup Guide

ADECIA - Connect the System - RM-W

See how easy it is to connect the different components of the ADECIA Wireless Solution.

ADECIA - Setup Guide - RM-W

How to install and calibrate different devices in the ADECIA Wireless Solution.

ADECIA - Connecting Communication Devices - RM-W

How to connect the RM-CR Conference Processor and devices in the ADECIA Wireless Solution.

ADECIA firmware update

How to update ADECIA firmware to V2.0 or later.