Wireless microphone system using 1.9 GHz, composed of Access Point, Microphone, and Charging Station

The wireless microphone system RM-W adopts the "DECT" standard using 1.9 GHz band and encryption transmission, so there is no concern about radio wave compatibility interference with wireless LAN, etc., and it is designed to be safe in terms of information leakage and security.

The access point supports 16/8 channels

The 16/8 Channel Wireless Access Points function as the receivers and antennas.

4 types of microphones are available: 2 types of gooseneck microphones with different lengths and 2 types of boundary, omnidirectional / cardioid directional

The wireless microphone system comes in 4 microphone formfactors to support a wide variety of conference formats: 2 boundary microphones with different directivity options and 2 gooseneck microphones offering long and short lengths.

Select your microphones based according to your conference format and layout: Boundary microphones: Omnidirectional (angle of 360 degrees sound) & Unidirectional (angle of 120 degrees)

Gooseneck microphones: 6" (15 cm) and 12" (30 cm)

Standard support for Dante network audio, enabling Dante audio/control signals and PoE power supply with a single network cable

Compatibility with the Dante audio network standard enables audio/control signals to be transmitted via a single network cable. Since the power supply is PoE-driven, the Dante audio signal, control signal and power can be supplied from the network switch via the same cable.

20 hours of continuous microphone operation time using the included Li-ion battery

The continuous operation time of each microphone lasts for 20 hours or more, to ensure operations even in long meetings.

The Web UI Setup Wizard allows for effortless configuration, microphone pairing, audio routing, and other system management

Each microphone can be easily paired from the web UI. You can pair the microphone individually, or pair multiple microphones on the microphone charger at once. The system can also be remotely monitored via a web UI.