Navn Operativsystem Størrelse Seneste opdatering
R Remote V5.9.0 for Mac macOS 13, 12, 11(Intel/Apple silicon with Rosetta 2) Mac 22MB 2023-08-22
R Remote V5.9.0 for Win 11/10 Win 23.4MB 2023-08-22
RMio64-D Firmware V5.85 for updating with R-Remote - 29.7MB 2023-08-22
RSio64-D Firmware V5.85 - 18.2MB 2023-08-22
Rio1608-D2 Firmware V1.85 - 18MB 2023-05-11
Rio3224-D2 Firmware V1.85 - 18MB 2023-05-11
Navn Operativsystem Størrelse Seneste opdatering
ProVisionaire Edge V1.1.0 for Win11/10 Win 408.9MB 2023-09-26
ProVisionaire Control KIOSK V3.12.0 for Win 11/10 Win 92.1MB 2023-06-07
ProVisionaire Control V3.12.0 for Win 11/10 Win 107.3MB 2023-06-07


RIVAGE PM StageMix is an application for the Apple iPad that provides remote control of Yamaha RIVAGE PM series digital mixing system functions via a simple, intuitive graphical interface from anywhere within wireless range.


MonitorMix is an application for iOS / Android devices that allows individual wireless AUX mixing.

RIVAGE PM Series Brochure

Navn Dansk Engelsk
Console File Converter User Guide [1.2MB]
CS-R3 Owner's Manual [English] [6.9MB]
CS-R5 Owner's Manual [English] [7.8MB]
DSP-R10 Owner's Manual [3.1MB]
DSP-RX-EX DSP-RX Owner's Manual [1.4MB]
HY Card Installation Instruction Leaflet [2MB]
HY128-MD Owner's Manual [869KB]
HY144-D Firmware Update Guide [English] [487KB]
HY144-D Owner's Manual [English] [427KB]
HY144-D-SRC Firmware Update Guide [English] [727KB]
HY144-D-SRC Owner's Manual [English] [365KB]
HY256-TL Owner's Manual [829KB]
HY256-TL-SMF Owner's Manual [842KB]
MonitorMix User Guide [English] [2.3MB]
Rio3224-D2/Rio1608-D2 Owner's Manual [English] [5.1MB]
RIVAGE PM Block Diagram [1.3MB]
RIVAGE PM Editor Installation Guide [491KB]
RIVAGE PM Firmware Update Guide [1.8MB]
RIVAGE PM series Data List [740KB]
RIVAGE PM series V2.2 Supplemental Manual [English] [1.9MB]
RIVAGE PM series V2.5 Supplemental Manual EN [5MB]
RIVAGE PM series V3 Supplemental Manual [English] [9.2MB]
RIVAGE PM series V4.02 Operation manual [English] [81.1MB]
RIVAGE PM series V5.0 Operation manual [English] [86.7MB]
RIVAGE PM series V6 Operation manual (HTML) [English] [English]
RIVAGE PM series V6 Operation manual [English] [88.1MB]
RIVAGE PM StageMix User Guide [English] [1.6MB]
RIVAGE PM10 System Setup Guide [English] [24.6MB]
RIVAGE PM7 System Setup Guide [English] [20.8MB]
RPio222 Owner's Manual [3.1MB]
RPio622 Owner's Manual [4MB]
RY16-ML-SILK/RY16-DA/RY16-AE Owner's Manual [2MB]
Navn Dansk Engelsk
BIM Data for Revit (RIVAGE PM Control Surface: CS-R5, CS-R3) [15.4MB]
CAD Data (RIVAGE PM Audio Interface Card: RY, HY) [1.1MB]
CAD Data (RIVAGE PM Control Surface: CS-R10, CS-R10-S, CSD-R7, CS-R5, CS-R3) [18.3MB]
CAD Data (RIVAGE PM I/O Rack: RPio, R) [3.6MB]
CAD Data (SWP1) [442KB]
CAD Data (SWP2) [290KB]
CRESTRON Example Programs for 4-Series Platform: RIVAGE PM series [19.8MB]
CRESTRON Example Programs: R Series [2.3MB]
Dante Controller V4.1.0.x Release Notes [354KB]
Data Sheet (Rio3224-D2, Rio1608-D2) [1.5MB]
Data Sheet (RIVAGE PM Series) [20.6MB]
Genius.lab Starter Kit V1.0 (Macro Library) [2.8MB]
MCP1 Remote Control Protocol Specifications V1.0.0 [322KB]
Preset list of P2MB [77KB]
RIVAGE PM Series Network Setup Guide [2.4MB]
RIVAGE PM Series OSC Specifications [724KB]
RIVAGE PM Series Special Key Command List V4.0 [1.5MB]
RIVAGE PM10 dimensions [10.5MB]
RIVAGE PM7 dimensions [10.2MB]
Tested USB flash memory list for CL, QL, RIVAGE PM series [195KB]
Yamaha Dante devices with AES67 Guide [367KB]