900/800 Series Handmade Flutes

Inspired to start afresh, we went back to a clean slate applying all of the knowledge, advancements, and skills we’ve obtained over the last two decades crafting some of the finest handmade flutes available today into the design of an entirely new line of handmade instruments. Focusing on innovation, we’ve created some instruments that change the image of the handmade flute significantly. They offer tone with charm and depth, and a wide dynamic range that allows performers to play with a wide range of expression and the tone and volume flutists have long desired. Top-of-the-line handmade gold flutes offer a rich, deep tone with outstanding presence in orchestral settings. Highly responsive with a wide dynamic range that spans from rich, sensitive pianissimo to highly resonant fortissimo they allow the flautist to discover new limits of musical expression. From the finest details to their overall design, every part, process, and component on these handmade silver flutes is designed to function in harmony with the rest.

900 Series


(This picture is YFL997CH.)

800 Series


(This picture is YFL-877H.)

De viste farver og nuancer kan variere i forhold til det færdige produkt.