Ingen laver klarinetter som Yamaha, da ingen har de unikke resourcer til rådighed - globalt udviklingsnetværk med fuldtidsmedarbejdere i verdens musikalske hovedstæder.

Yamaha is always open to feedback from artists and players.

At the same time, we continue to carry out basic research into materials, acoustics, manufacturing technology, quality control, and other related fields.

We are continuing to create musical instruments that are friendly to the environment and society so that we can continue to share passion and performance to as many people as possible in the future.

All preconceptions were discarded, and a large amount of time was devoted to basic research that began with a fundamental question: What is an ideal clarinet.

The results of that essential work were actualized in fine detail by master craftsman and refined through extensive artist evaluations.

This exhaustive process led to the birth of the unique CS and SE series clarinets.

Two Unique Custom Clarinet Series: CS & SE

CS Series

Tone: A solid tonal core and excellent definition that are well suited to solo playing. Also a strong choice for orchestral use.

Playing feel: The player can blow freely and let the instrument take care of outstanding tone production and extended projection.

The instrument responds directly to the player’s breath volume.

SE Series

Tone: A rich and luxurious tone that envelopes the listener. An excellent choice for ensembles.

Playing feel: A gently flared bore produces tone that expands radially from the player.

Expressive range is broad, allowing the player to produce ideal tone in any musical situation without wasted breath.

Bb/A Clarinets

Custom CS


Custom Bb/A Clarinets.


Custom Bb/A Clarinets.


Custom Bb/A Clarinets.

Yamaha Clarinet  YCL-CX


<Generation 2> The basic design behind the high-end models

Custom SE

YCL-SE Artist Model

YCL-SE Artist Model/SE Artist Model A

Custom Bb/A Clarinets.


Custom Bb/A Clarinets.

Professional Bb Clarinets

Yamaha Clarinet  YCL-650


<Generation 2> Rich and luxuriant tone close to Custom model

Intermediate Bb Clarinets


Intermediate Bb Clarinets. (Duet+)


Intermediate Bb Clarinets.

Standard Bb Clarinets


Key: Bb Clarinet, Key Material: Silver-plated nickel silver

Bb Bass Clarinets

Yamaha Clarinet  YCL-622II


Professional Bb Bass Clarinets.

Yamaha Clarinet  YCL-621II


Professional Bb Bass Clarinets.

YCL-221IIS Bb Bass Clarinet

Student Bb Bass Clarinets.

Alto Clarinets

Yamaha Clarinet  YCL-631


<Generation 2> Professional Eb Alto Clarinets.

Eb Clarinets

Yamaha Clarinet  YCL-YCL-881


Custom Eb Clarinet.

Yamaha Clarinet  YCL-YCL-881


Professional Eb Clarinet.

German Clarinets


Custom German Clarinets.


Professional German Clarinets.


Student German Clarinets.


Student German Clarinets.