Kropsdybde og bracing-mønster

APX's slanke krop er utroligt komfortabel og giver god uhindret adgang til de øverste bånd. Samtidig bliver tonen perfekt til scenebrug. Den særligt designede ikke-skalloperede X-bracing maksimerer kroppens resonans og giver en fyldig, naturlig tone. Dens brede dynamiske spændvidde, gode følsomhed og fantastiske klarhed gør den til en vinder.

Ovalt lydhul

APX er nem at genkende på det ovale lydhul, som gør den dybe mellemtone tykkere og giver en mere åben, ubeskeden bund.

Electric system : SRT system for APX1200II and CPX1000

Using advanced Digital Signal Processing and real-world insight into audio technology and recording techniques, Yamaha have developed SRT – a pickup and preamp system capable of delivering an amazingly natural, studio-quality acoustic guitar tone.

Sounds that were, until now, only attainable by professional recording engineers using expensive vintage microphones in world-class acoustic spaces are now easily recreated by any player, on stage or in the studio.

SRT does not artificially create a guitar tone, rather it creates a faithful reproduction of the other elements that make up a great guitar sound – the subtle ambience of the real space between instrument and microphone, the characteristic EQ voicing of a great sounding vintage mic, the different resonances captured when you move a mic around a guitar.

And because SRT uses your guitar's natural tone as a basis for this process, the result is phenomenally realistic and full of the acoustic character of your guitar.

Electric system : A.R.T. system for APX700II

A.R.T. pickup is designed with a multilayer structure consisting of six layers of different materials.

Because the pickups are fitted directly beneath the top board, body resonance of the guitar is faithfully reproduced.

Electric system : Piezo pickup system for APX500III

This pickup uses individual elements for each string to give an ultra-clear, ultra-wide bandwidth signal with far better dynamic response and tonal accuracy than a regular, ribbon-type piezo pickup.