Song Beats

A Fabulous Drum Performance Support Tool for iPhone!

Song Beats is an iPhone app that supports your drum performance by visualizing which drums to hit and when to hit them while playing along with your favorite songs.The app also allows you to easily create custom accompaniments for drums, putting your drumming at the center of the band.There are more than 1000 songs available from a shop that's built right into the app. In addition, you can also use 10 built-in demo songs or any MIDI song that you've already purchased from Yamaha MusicSoft by using iTunes File Sharing. Register Song Beats with Yamaha, and your first song is free!

*In-app purchases are only available in the US, UK, Germany and Japan at this time.

Song Beats

**Alle sange for kun $0.99!** Song Beats gør det nemt at lære at spille trommer til dine yndlingsnumre.

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