5 Star Conferencing in Hotels or Coworking Spaces

Nowadays, many hotels have the spatial possibilities to hold conferences or rent out meeting rooms for workshops. It is important that the technology in these rooms can be used easily and can also be used with different collaboration platforms, because new customers are always working with the system. The system should also be easy to configure when new room situations arise again and again. Many co-working spaces have conference rooms or open space areas that are rented out for workshops, and flexible use is essential here. A division into zones and also the integration into hybrid working are advantages that can be achieved here with Yamaha's products and solutions.

Check in to the best meeting or workshop area

If you want to use a large room in a variable way, a customised solution is the best choice, combining 5 RM-CG ceiling microphones with a MRX7-D matrix processor and a XMV-4140D amplifier to a very variable solution.

Ceiling and wall speakers provide good sound for the remote participants. Individual zones can be created and Yamaha's sound processing technologies ensure that there are no echoes or reverberation in the room. In addition, a web conferencing system can be connected via a USB audio interface to include additional participants in the meetings or workshops.

Big Conferencing halls need a professional Audio System

Many hotels have facilities to host larger conferences. In the halls, several hundred people can follow presentations or participate in panel discussions. Today, events are often held on hybrid and it is important that the speakers can be heard clearly and not only the speakers on stage, but also if there are questions from the audience.

Since conference halls are set up in different ways, sometimes with very high ceilings or with different seating arrangements, with or without tables, a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution is needed. With ADECIA Wireless, 16 wireless microphones can be connected and distributed on tables or at the lectern. In addition, further analogue microphones can be connected to the RM-CR conference processor. The VXL1-16P loudspeakers then provide the sound. In this way, conferences can be broadcast anywhere.