Flexible Applications for any Type of Conference or Meeting Room

The conferencing and meeting sector spans a large number of different applications with different conditions in different rooms. And yet, one goal is universal to all meetings, conferences and workshops: to communicate and collaborate with each other. It is important that each participant can be heard clearly and distinctly - speech intelligibility is paramount in both capturing and playback.

The following are examples of how different rooms can be equipped with Yamaha „Professional Audio for Conferencing“ products. From complete all-in-one ADECIA solutions to custom solutions tailored to a specific room and application, Yamaha elevates professional communication to the next level.

Medium Sized Room A

In medium-sized meeting rooms with fixed setups that rarely ever change, or in rooms with ceilings too low for a ceiling microphone, the ADECIA Tabletop solution with the RM-TT Tabletop Array Microphone is the best choice.

The RM-CR conference processor optimally matches all components to the room. VXL loudspeakers provide clear, transparent sound.

Medium Sized Room B

The ADECIA Ceiling solution is the best choice for medium-sized meeting rooms of up to 50m² where workshops are held, the room layout changes often and no cables or other equipment should be visible.

The ceiling array microphone RM-CG quickly and reliably detects speakers in the room and captures their voices immaculately. Remote participants’ voices are projected clearly through VXL loudspeakers. The RM-CR conference processor tunes all the components to the room.

Board Room A

For boardrooms with often varying number of participants and up to 16 attendees, the ADECIA Wireless Solution offers ideal flexibility. The RM-W Wireless Microphone system provides every attendee their own microphone that can be placed freely in the room.

However, with high-speed Echo Cancellation, speech intelligibility is always guaranteed, even in lively discussions.

Board Room B

Boardrooms of up to 100m² are perfectly covered by an ADECIA Ceiling Solution with two Ceiling Microphones RM-CG. With four beams per RM-CG, this setup can capture up to 20 people’s voices. VXL1-16P Dante Speakers deliver clear sound reproduction.

VXL1-16P Dante Speakers deliver clear sound reproduction. The system easily integrates with UC platforms. The RM-CR conference processor takes care of all the audio routing automatically.

Multi Purpose Room

Multi-purpose rooms that occasionally host spontaneous meetings are ideally equipped with a combined ADECIA Ceiling and Tabletop Solution.

Driven by professional amplifier MA2030a, ceiling speakers VXC4 and surface speakers VXS5 provide clarity and transparency without getting in the way.

Large Room

Large rooms with several different table sections require customized solutions. With an MRX7-D processor, an XMV4140-D amplifier and four or more Ceiling Microphones, for example, a room like this can be covered as a whole or in parts. Separating the room into zones allows for multiple simultaneous meetings.


Classrooms of up to 100m² can be covered with an ADECIA Ceiling Solution consisting of two RM-CG microphones, an RM-CR conference processor and VXL1-16P speakers for transparent sound reproduction.

This setup can be integrated with numerous conferencing platforms and is Certified for Microsoft Teams.

Conference Hall

In conference halls, the speaker needs to be transmitted clearly. For hybrid conferences, the same is true for the audience. The ADECIA ceiling solution with four RM-CG ceiling microphones can cover rooms up to 200m².

Its RM-CR conference processor offers two additional analogue microphone inputs. VXL1-16P speakers provide perfect audio output.


In a university auditorium, it is important that everyone can hear the lecturer. In a hybrid education environment, it must also be possible to hear the students' questions from the lecture hall.

A solution combining four Ceiling Microphones and a Tabletop Microphone, as well as an MA2120 amplifier and several Ceiling and Surface Speakers is the perfect fit for this application.

Lecture Room

In a hybrid lecture room, an ADECIA Wireless solution with up to 16 wireless microphones may be the best choice.

While the professor can use a Wireless Gooseneck Microphone, Omnidirectional Wireless Table Microphones are available for the students. With the RM-CR processor and VXL1-16P speakers, you have an optimal solution that easily integrates with numerous platforms.