Professional Audio for every conference and meeting

Many companies nowadays also use their meeting rooms in a hybrid way, which means that some participants are present in the room and others attend meetings remotely. In addition to the standard meeting rooms, there are also often special boardrooms or large rooms that are used multifunctionally for workshops or training courses.

If you want to make the best use of these rooms and ensure that everyone in the room and remotely can be heard clearly, then you need a professional audio solution from input to output. For standard meeting and conference rooms up to 200m², the ADECIA solution is easy to integrate and use. For more complex requirements, such as splitting into multiple zones or integrating with other systems, a customised solution is available, using a variety of professional components from Yamaha, like Microphones, Processors, Amplifiers and Speakers.

Everyone in a Meeting can be heard

In many companies, there are large meeting or workshop rooms from which meetings are held with other participants who may be located anywhere in the world. Everyone wants to be heard clearly in these meetings. ADECIA offers several options to meet these needs. Ceiling microphones can be used or wired table microphones. If you want to be very flexible, Yamaha's RM-W Wireless Microphone System can be used. Together with the RM-CR conference processor, the VXL1-16P loudspeakers and the SWR2311P-10G switch, RM-W forms the all-in-one ADECIA Wireless audio solution. Up to 16 wireless microphones provide the best conferencing and meeting experience and ensure that every participant is heard.

An Advanced, Customized Remote Conferencing Environment

“We need maximum clarity and intelligibility for remote conferencing, plus measures to prevent the conference from being overheard.”

In modern offices, financial institutions or medical facilities remote conferencing becomes more and more essential. A clear, echo-free audio quality for best speech intellegibility is needed. Speech Privacy function is a plus if information shouldn't be heard outside the room.

Yamaha’s highly advanced MRX7-D features an Acoustic Echo Canceller function that effectively suppresses echoes even if speaker output is picked up by microphones in the room, eliminating echoes and dropouts in both directions. The VXL1 slim line array speakers offer outstanding clarity, and you have a system that achieves excellent intelligibility for smooth, effortless communication.

The MRX7-D also includes a Speech Privacy function that feeds a special masking signal to speakers installed in the hallway outside the conference room, making it impossible for outsiders to eavesdrop on the proceedings.