Pure and Profound

A piano comes into this world through the perfect synergy of advanced technical skill and artistry. Such a piano can create sound that truly reflects the player's feelings.

The final stage in piano production is called “voicing.” This breathes life into the instrument and truly makes it musical. To accomplish this, highly skilled experts focus their concentration and sensitivity completely on each note and delicately adjust the hardness and resilience of the hammers that strike the strings, establishing the perfect, consistent sound for the entire instrument and determining its tonal personality.

Yamaha brings this exact same approach and process to its audio products. Our experienced technicians perform exhaustive listening tests and strictly consider every single element and component, to draw closer—step by meticulous step—to the ideal sound.

Introducing the S3000 Series, the absolute culmination of hi-fidelity audio. Yamaha knows all about sound and even more about music, and has brought all its rich artistic sensitivity into the creation of this line.

All the energy and finely nuanced technique of the artist, all the power and subtlety of the original music is fully reproduced, with absolutely nothing left out. The result is a remarkably pure sound—powerfully expressive and exquisitely profound.

Beautiful and elegant in appearance, sturdy and reliable in construction, created with the latest, innovative technology and genuine craftsmanship—all nurtured by our long experience in the manufacture of musical instruments.

Yamaha proudly offers this new high-end lineup, delivering supreme quality in every way. This is the manifestation of our passion to give music lovers the ultimate in listening enjoyment—a tradition we've been carrying on and advancing for more than 125 years.


Drevmekanisme med stor stivhed og innovativ kredsløbsudformning til tabsfri audio. Genvej til den ultimative audiogengivelse – og hele musikkens sjæl. Vi introducerer Yamaha’s bedste CD-afspiller – CD-S3000.

  • Stabil CD mekanisme, der er forankret med skruer. Dette giver en aflæsning af højeste præcision, uden påvirkning af vibrationer
  • CD-skuffen er lavet af aluminium
  • Stabilt chassis med vibrationsdæmpende egenskaber og en venstre-højre symmetrisk konstruktion
  • Bygget med separate digitale og analoge kredsløb
  • Digital / analog del har en separat strømforsyning
  • Pure Direct mode for bedre lydkvalitet
  • 32-bit D/A-konverter med usædvanlig høj ydeevne
  • Indbygget USB-DAC funktioner
  • ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver (downloades fra hjemmesiden)
  • Pure Direct mode for bedre lydkvalitet

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