HOME THEATER CONTROLLER-appen er en nem måde at betjene udvalgte Yamaha Home Theater-systemer på, ved at bruge din iPhone, iPod Touch eller iPad.

Key Features

- Grundlæggende funktioner såsom volumen op / ned, valg af indgang og lydindstilling

(2) Auto/manual sound beam adjustment (for YSP-2500)

(3) Precise sound beam adjustment (for YSP-1400 and SRT-1000)

(4) Surround mode selection, offering expanded choices over the included remote control (for YAS-152, YAS-103, YAS-203, ATS-1520 and ATS-1030)

*The app requires an active BLUETOOTH wireless connection between your Yamaha sound bar and your mobile device. Please make sure to establish a connection first.

Home Menu / Input Select


Change current settings and make selections quickly on this easy-to-read menu that has coollooking glassy icons.


Just by touching an icon, you can select the source unit or service you want to enjoy.

Playback Mode


Playback mode menu for selecting various Beam modes



Selecting the single channel Beam mode provides the sound only to one location, perfect for a person listening alone at night.You can also move this single channel Beam freely around your room.

*This feature is available only on YSP-2500.

Surround Mode Select / Cinema DSP


Du kan vælge et DSP-program, der matcher din lydkilde.

* Denne feature er kun tilgængelig på følgende modeller: ATS-2070, ATS-1060, ATS-1050, ATS-1520, ATS-1030, ATS-2030, ATS-2020, YAS-207, YAS-106, YAS-105, YAS-152, YAS-103, YSP-1400, SRT-1000


Uanset hvad du ser - film, musik, sport etc. - så kan du vælge en DSP-mode, der passer bedst til dit behov.

** Denne feature fås kun på YSP-2500.

Sound Menu / Auto Setup


Makes it easy to adjust the sound as well as the subwoofer level. You can also turn Clear Voice and other functions on and off.


Using the IntelliBeam microphone, this procedure automatically calibrates the system to provide an optimal listening experience in your room.

*This feature is available only on YSP-2500.

Position / Information


Input your room size and distances to walls for detailed sound beam positioning. Includes a test tone.

*This feature is available only on YSP-1400 and SRT-1000.


You can find the App Version, or information on each beam angle and channel level.

Beam Adjustment

You can make detailed adjustments of volume and beam angle for each channel in one degree steps, to get the sound just the way you want it.

*This feature is available only on YSP-2500.

Operation Image (iPad)

Multi-Language Support

English, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

YSP-2500, YSP-1400

YAS-207, YAS-106, YAS-105, YAS-203, YAS-103, YAS-152, ATS-2070, ATS-1060, ATS-1050, ATS-1030, ATS-1520

SRT-1000, SRT-700, SBS-100

YRS-2500, YRS-1500

*Some models are not available in some regions.

- iOS version 5.1.1 or higher

- Android version 2.3.3 or higher

* This application will never collect nor externally transfer personal data stored in your smartphone / tablet.

* This application performs following functions for purposes described below.

Making a connection under Bluetooth-enabled environment

The application uses Bluetooth function on your smartphone / tablet for the purpose of controlling Bluetooth-enabled devices.

De viste farver og nuancer kan variere i forhold til det færdige produkt.