DM2000VCM Digital Production Console Udgået

The First Choice for Digital Audio Production Just Got Better

It wasn't that long ago that Yamaha's groundbreaking DM2000 Digital Mixing Console took the professional audio world by storm, establishing digital surround mixing and the 24-bit/96 kHz format as the industry's standards. In the same way that the Yamaha DMC1000, 02R and then the PM1D revolutionized the fledgling field of digital mixing as it grew in rapidly increasing leaps and bounds throughout the last decade, the Yamaha DM2000 Digital Production Console has defined the industry standard. Much more than simply a high-performance digital mixer, the DM2000 is a total production tool that also offers 96 kHz effects, advanced surround production facilities, extensive integrated DAW and machine control, computer and memory-card based data management, and an extraordinarily flexible bus system with digital patching, and inserts. Moreover, the DM2000's "smaller brothers" in the new range — the DM1000, 02R96 and 01V96 — implement common elements of the DM2000 user interface, and mix data is interchangeable using the supplied Studio Manager Application software. These consoles can be linked and cascaded interactively within a multi-room studio, or a tour engineer can do a basic console setup on his laptop computer anywhere and then simply load the settings into the console at the venue. Now DM2000 Version 2 offers, in addition to significant overall performance enhancements, a range of new features that add advanced capabilities for audio production, broadcast, and live applications. But there's more. You also get the capability to install the new optional Add-on Effects, providing a range of state-of-the-art effect programs in addition to the current internal effect list.

DM2000VCM Digital Production Console Udgået

The first digital mixer in the world to receive official THX pm3 approval for surround sound production. Version 2 includes a number of refinements, including built-in Add-on effects.


Peak Meter Bridge for DM2000


Side Pad

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