Notestar APP Closing

The NoteStar App will be closing down March 31, 2019.

Please confirm the following information for the details.

We recognized a void in the way sheet music had evolved. The evolution of mobile devices had quickly outgrown organic uses of sheet music, and the advancements of this technology clearly offered more possibilities than any music publisher had delivered. It is out of this environment that the idea for NoteStar was born. Here we had the opportunity to take advantage of the iPad’s dynamic display, touch response, and audio integration, and offer a sheet music experience that moved beyond simple page display.


NoteStar er Yamahas app til iPad, som kan vise noder der passer perfekt til ægte audio-backing tracks inklusiv leadvokal. Så kan du spille med, uden at skulle bekymre dig om at vende blad.

De viste farver og nuancer kan variere i forhold til det færdige produkt.