Yamaha Introduces New 16-channel Wireless Access Point RM-WAP-16 for Remote Conferencing and Voice Lift Applications

Yamaha Introduces New 16-channel Wireless Access Point RM-WAP-16 for Remote Conferencing and Voice Lift Applications

Rellingen, Germany – 19th July 2023, Yamaha is pleased to announce the RM-WAP-16, a new 16 channel wireless access point (WAP) which doubles the previously available number of channels from a single unit.

Before this, two eight channel RM-WAP-8 units were required for nine or more channels of Yamaha's RM-W wireless microphones. With its increased channel count, the RM-WAP-16 offers greater flexibility, saves installation space and required PoE ports, and is more cost effective for systems where a higher number of wireless channels is required.

In addition, with the latest firmware (V2.0), the new low-latency mode of the entire RM series of wired and wireless microphones allows them to be used for voice lift applications with appropriate signal processors, such as the Yamaha MRX7-D or DME7. In this configuration up to 64 RM-W series wireless microphones can be used in parallel using four RM-WAP-16 units.

The new 16 channel access point is also a key component of the ADECIA wireless solution for hybrid meetings and conferences, which is designed for a wider variety of rooms to be used without the layout limitations of wired microphones. ADECIA Solutions, including Wireless, Ceiling and Tabletop, ensure that everyone in a hybrid meeting can communicate and collaborate equally, regardless of location.

The RM-WAP-16 offers standard support for Dante audio networking, providing audio/control and PoE power over a single network cable. Built-in audio signal processing, such as high speed auto echo cancellation, noise reduction and de-reverberation, ensures the highest audio quality and speech intelligibility. Using 1.9GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), both the RM-WAP-16 and RM-WAP-8 eliminate any concerns about radio wave interference and are designed to be secure in terms of information leakage and security.

Of course, the RM-WAP-16 is fully compatible with the easy auto-setup and auto-tune features of ADECIA Wireless, allowing users to choose the RM-W wireless microphone models that best suit their needs, while reducing the amount of knowledge and experience required for installation and setup.

"As expectations for remote conferencing and voice-lift applications increase, so does the need for greater flexibility in implementation and operation. The RM-W series is at the forefront of this technology, ensuring that installers and end users alike benefit from the latest in flexibility and sound quality," said Marcus-Michael Müller, Manager Unified Communications Europe at Yamaha Music Europe GmbH.

"We will continue to add versatile components to the RM-W series to provide the most comfortable remote meeting and interaction environments possible.”

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