Yamaha introduces enterprise soundbar "ESB-1090" with Education Mode - optimized audio playback for education, conferences and more

Equipped with two tweeters, two midrange speakers and two woofers, it provides the best audio quality. Thanks to the extensive control and management options, its slim design and three special modes for different applications, the soundbar impresses with its flexibility and good speech intelligibility in different environments.

Optimized with three modes, users can opt between “Conference Mode” for remote conference purposes, “Hotel Mode” for lobby or room playback or “Education Mode” for classroom settings.

Users can then connect the sound bar to a TV, PC or smartphone via HDMI, Bluetooth or an optical cable. With its slim design, the ESB-1090 is particularly flexible to use and fits harmoniously into any room thanks to its flat design - whether under a flat screen, on the wall, in a TV rack or free-standing.


Enterprise Sound Bar