• The Power of Reality

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What's Tyros?

Tyros is the ultimate performance keyboard, with outstanding sounds, effects, and accompaniment so real it's like being backed by some of the world’s finest players.

The Tyros5 brings a level of authenticity to your sound like no instrument before it, giving your playing the power of reality with real backing, real sounds... real performance.

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Tyros Features

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  • SPEC
      Tyros5-76 Tyros5-61
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 1347x450x142mm 1140x450x142mm
    Weight 16kg 14kg
    Number of Keys 76 (E0-G6) 61 (C1-C6)
    Voices Over 1000 including Ensemble, SA2, SA, MegaVoice, Live!, Sweet!, Cool!, XG, Drum/SFX Kits
    Styles Over 500 including Audio Styles
    Multi-Pads Over 150 banks. Audio in Multi-Pads support.
    Recording/Playback Multi-Track Audio and MIDI
    Storage 500Gb internal HDD, up to 1Gb optional flash memory, USB connectivity
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Expansion Contents

Premium Packs

Premium Packs provide a full upgrade for your Tyros5 by adding new Premium Voices, Premium Styles, One Touch Settings, Multi-Pads, registrations and demonstration songs. Each Premium Voice gives you a fantastic new instrument sound that makes for a valuable addition to your Tyros5's selection of built-in factory Voices.

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Voice & Style Expansion Packs

High-quality Expansion Packs made exclusively for the Tyros5, Premium Packs provide a broader sonic palette for composition and performance. From authentic Eastern European instruments to pulsing grooves from Ibiza (and even more in future packs), these new Voices and Styles and an entirely new dimension to your Tyros5.

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Providing a diverse range of functions in an intuitive, easy-to-use format, Yamaha's apps are valuable tools that allow you to get the most out of your Tyros5.

Please refer to “Related Products” in the Tyros5-76 Overview.

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Nyheder & Events


12/8/2016 [Music Production]
Yamaha re-launches MX synthesizers: New models for stage & studio featuring FM synthesis app & fresh new colours

Rellingen, 21, July 2016 – Fresh colours and phat FM sounds: Yamaha presents the all-new MX series ultraportable synthesizers with new functions and designs.

15/7/2016 [Musical Instruments]
Få flowkey Premium gratis med dit nye Yamaha digitalklaver eller keyboard

Nu kan du i en begrænset periode opdage dit musikalske potentiale med et helt særligt tilbud fra Yamaha og flowkey.

22/4/2016 [Musical Instruments]
Deltag i vores Stage Keys-undersøgelse!

Har du et par minutter tilovers? Og kunne du tænke dig at have indflydelse på den næste generation af Yamaha keyboards til livebrug? Så udfyld vores Stage Keys spørgeskema og fortæl os hvordan du arbejder som musiker.

15/4/2015 [Musical Instruments]
Din egen "b-film" - Deltag i vores videokonkurrence

Fejr 10 år med Yamahas b-serie ved at lave en "b-film", og få chancen for at vinde en af 10 præmier på 7.500 DKK. #playyamahatowin

20/11/2014 [Om Yamaha]
Yamaha lancerer ny piano iBook-serie

Yamaha har annonceret 'The Key Advantage' - en serie på seks iBooks, som giver vores pianokunder nye muligheder for at lære mere om alt hvad der er værd at vide om Yamahas klaverer og flygler.

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